About Us

In 2013, we first began to practice this technique of doodle art (doodling to reach meditative state) for our personal growth and development. In the process, we realized how simple it was to reach a state of harmony using simple doodle art and meditation. Anyone from any walk of life could follow this technique since it requires no expertise or experience. Stan saw the potential of this practice and believed it could help transform lives. That’s when we decided that we wanted to share our knowledge and experience with the entire world.

Even at present, we love to practice doodle art and meditation together. Even though we all have bachelors and master’s degrees in varying fields (Economics, IT & engineering), we love to fill our time with doodle art.

We’ve had countless hours of meditation with doodle art and we believe we can share this knowledge and experience with you all to help you reach harmony through doodle art and meditation.

We started the practice in 2013 but the official company “Doodle Art Club” was finally established in early 2015.


IMG_0482Lana K
Lana K has many hobbies and interests but she is most passionate about meditation and how it helps people de-stress. Having participated in numerous retreats, she has a strong passion to help people combat stress from their busy lives. She has always been looking for creative ways to help people de-stress and forget their sorrows through meditation. On her journey to help people she realized that the experience of doodle art was very similar to meditation. She noticed that while people claimed they couldn’t draw, they doodled artistic pieces naturally without even giving effort. And that’s when she realized the potential of doodle art to reach meditative state of mind.
IMG_0627Olga Dem
Olga D, a Russian art school graduate and an art teacher, noticed positive health benefits of drawing during her art teaching career. She has been working closely with people of all age groups since 2005 and found out how drawing had positive effects on her students’ lives. Having interest in Ayurveda medicine for years, she always had a determination to combine meditation with drawing to encourage her students to draw from their souls instead of just copying from others artwork.



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