Art Tools

We at Doodle art believe everyone has a creative side and a soul that strives for art. This is especially true for doodle enthusiasts who doodle every day. For them, doodling is both a diversion and a challenge. In order to make this challenging experience of doodle art even more engaging, you can use special tools. Some general tools that you will need include a sketchbook or watercolor paper. Even though you can always doodle on the back of your notebook or an envelope, getting quality paper is sure to improve the final outcome of your doodle art (mainly in terms of neatness). And not to mention, the ease of organizing and compiling all your work in a single place helps too.

You should also be using pencils. You might wonder why use pencils in doodle art, well with pencils you can shade your tangles to get a better result. Also, you can always make a rough design using pencils before you begin with art line pen. Pick HB pencils for rough doodles as they are easier to erase and 2B pencil if you want harsher outlines.

Erasers are also important for doodle art. Artists use them to soften edges and add depth to their artwork. But if you want to make a big difference in your doodle art then you should use art line pens (also called drawing pen). These can be used to add depth and the illusion of dimensions to your tangles.

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