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Our New Book “Doodle Art Handbook” on Kindle!

We are happy to announce that our book “Doodle Art Handbook” now available on Kindle! With our help and this book you are invited to come and explore Doodle Art, and find out how with some love and instructions you have the potential to create some of the best artworks ever, and this is regardless […]

Why doodling is more than just a pastime for human beings

For many indigenous societies in Australia, discussions begin with smoothing a patch of ground and drawing little figures that complement some story. This practice for them isn’t a matter of showing off one’s skills but a way to tell a story, not just through words but also through tangible expressions. Once the discussion is done […]

Things You Didn’t Know About Doodle Art

Everyone does it. Perhaps you’re bored in math class, zoning out, not paying attention to what the teacher is talking about, or you’re talking on the phone with a friend. You find yourself doodling and sketching away; before you know it you have drawn this beautiful work of art. Funny thing is, you didn’t even […]


Today we will learn how to do floral pattern – Compasses This Pattern looks very professional and complex, but it very easy to create. 1. Start with a dot. It will be the central part of your pattern. 2. Draw petals, as much as you can fit around your center. 3. Draw a circle around […]

Creative Zen Animal Tangles

You can choose whatever animal you like to be tangled. The best thing about creating tangled designs is having the privilege to follow your instincts. Although every stroke you make is deliberate, the patterns and designs you draw on your tile have an unspecified destination. Aimless is the word to describe the tangle method. Animals […]

Zen Flowers (part 2)

Welcome to the part 2 of Zen Flowers. In the first part of Zen Flowers we talk about how to start draw zen flowers, what do you need to start and covered some leaf patterns. To see full article Zen Flowers (part 1) please click here. CAYKE This pattern is yet another one of those that can […]

Zen Flowers (part 1)

What does Zen mean? The word zen is widely used, not only in America, but also in the other parts of the world. However, it is actually a Japanese word. It all traces back to the Sanskrit people and the word dhyana, meaning to see, to observe, to look. The Chinese had their own translation […]

Shapes of Doodle Art

Doodle Art is a free form meditative art, which means that every line is freely drawn using the hand. You do not need to use rules, compasses or protractors in creating your tangles and definitely not mechanical aids to lend you those perfect edges. All you need is a pen and paper, literally. In getting […]

Zen Animals

Zen philosophy plays a huge role in influencing the art of tangling. This is mainly because Buddhism has a strong regard for the sacredness of every sentient being on the planet. The term “sentient” refers to “possessing the capability to feel or perceive.” Based on this description, we can then say that on earth, sentient […]