Advanced Zentangles

How to draw a perfect Zendoodle leaf

Doodle art is a very flexible form of art. Since it does not follow any rule as such, you can draw it from the heart. You can fill up the canvas with whatever you please. This is a beautiful form of meditative art where you can let your imagination run wild. Artists use doodle art to de-stress and express their creativity as well. This allows them a creative platform to harness their energies. This also enables the artists to focus better.

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COMPASSESToday we will learn how to do floral pattern – Compasses

This Pattern looks very professional and complex, but it very easy to create.

1. Start with a dot. It will be the central part of your pattern.
2. Draw petals, as much as you can fit around your center.
3. Draw a circle around your flower. Fill it, but leave your first flower white.
4. Draw petals around black circle and overlap them to make it more interesting.
5. Keep going around with petals different sizes. Do not forget to overlap your petals!
6. Begin shading to add depth.


Get Creative!

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