Principles of Zentangle

Heart+HandsAs an easy-to-learn and calming, Zentangle has become a popular and expressive art form. Zentangle is a fun way to create stunning pictures by drawing structured patterns that is a pleasing and inspiring artistic method. The art form of Zentangle that anyone can quickly pick up and learn as it does not require any formal set of artistic skills or interest.

Zentangle art pieces are unplanned and abstract in nature, traditionally done in black and white that combines an interweaving of simple designed patterns called tangles. Not only is the end result beautiful, but the process of creating is very relaxing.

What Is A Zentangle?

zentangle_leaf_by_lynettesherrard-d68iof3 If you’re like most people, then you probably hear the word “Zentangle” and feel a bit confused. Don’t worry, it is actually not difficult and can provide quite a bit of fun with extra benefits. In fact, the Zentangle is one of the fastest growing hobbies with the lowest amount of cost. With just some paper, and pencil, and a Sharpie; you can get started on this new and exciting hobby.

First, let us talk about what a Zentangle isn’t. It is NOT a doodle. Doodles are fun and all but they don’t count as Zentangles because they do not follow a pattern or have any type of structure.

Deeper Your Knowledge

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