How to Make Zendoodle Art

Scan0006If any of this is sounding complicated, then don’t worry because it is really not complicated at all. The results you achieve with the zendoodle method can appear quite complex and intricate but the actual process of making them is ridiculously easy. So let us look at what the actual process for making these unique artistic renderings is.
Making a zentangle is actually quite easy. First, we start with what is called a string. As with all zentangles, there is no rule for how these strings must look. The only rule is that these strings must be fitted within a square of three and a half inches, but even this rule can be altered. Below is a simple example of what a string may look like.

Butterfly Zentangle By Starliteyes420 D78pjqc

Zentangle Tips and Tricks

butterfly_zentangle_by_starliteyes420-d78pjqcHere are some quick tips and tricks to keep in mind when you are practicing your Zentangle art designs. Keep this page open for easy access while you are designing your Zentangles.

Always remember the Principles Of A Zentangle:

Unplanned, and unpredictable- a completed Zentangle should always excite and surprise
you. Do not strive for perfection, but rather allow things to unravel and form naturally.
There is up and down, no right or wrong way – Zentangles are not meant to be orientated in one direction. They can and should be viewed from any angle, up or down. With this, there is no right or wrong way to design and Zentangle.


Defining Your Own Zentangle Style


The beauty of Zentangle is that you can throw yourself into it, including your very own take and style. Every Zentangle is different and should reflect the nature of the artist. Rather than emulating or copying someone else’s personal Zentangle style, consider developing your very own Zentangle style that screams you!

The more you Zentangle, the more you will begin to see your very own style coming out naturally. Things like the pressure of your hand, the tightness or looseness of your design placement, will all add to shaping your very own Zentangle design. If you are struggling to develop your own Zentangle style, consider the following to help unlock your very own and unique Zentangle style.

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The Foundations of a Zentangle

il_fullxfull.296956246So you know what makes a tangle a true tangle, but there are some important fundamental foundations that aid in the beginning stages of creating a Zentangle. While grids and stencils are not used in the creation of tangles, Strings, or lightly penciled lines, are used to help begin a Zentangle design.

Strings are done in pencil in order for them to disappear into your final Zentangle. Strings are simple and abstract. They can be curved lines or squiggles. A string provides the building blocks for a Zentangle without decreasing from the Zentangles non-planning or forethought nature. Strings are placed to allow creativity to flow and expand over it as the Zentangle begins to take shape.

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