Creating Your Own Pattern

Creating your very own Zentangle pattern is easier than you think. While Zentangle does posses particular foundations, the spirit of Zentangle is at its core all about what feels right to you. Keep in mind the previous chapter, Basics of Zentangles when creating your own pattern. Creating your own Zentangle pattern should be fun and expressive. Do no worry about perfect as this detracts from the overall purpose and experience.

Quick Steps to creating your first Zentangle:

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  1. Gather your tools. A white sheet of paper, 3.5” X 3.5” in size. A pen, pencil, and pencil sharpener. Don’t forget to leave the eraser. You will not need it!
  2. On your Zentangle Square, begin by lightly drawing your string using you pencil. This can be a squiggle, a straight line, a curved line, or a zigzag. If you’re having trouble starting, imagine if what a shoelace would look like if you dropped it onto your page.
  3. Using a fine tipped black inked pen, begin filling in sections with tangles. Remember, tangles are non-representative. Just go for it!
  4. Use your pencil to begin shading in your tangles where you see fit.
  5. Remember to be turning your Zentangle Square as you tangle, this will help keep it from orientating itself into one direction.
  6. Tangle until your page is full or you feel satisfied!

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