Defining Your Own Zentangle Style


The beauty of Zentangle is that you can throw yourself into it, including your very own take and style. Every Zentangle is different and should reflect the nature of the artist. Rather than emulating or copying someone else’s personal Zentangle style, consider developing your very own Zentangle style that screams you!

The more you Zentangle, the more you will begin to see your very own style coming out naturally. Things like the pressure of your hand, the tightness or looseness of your design placement, will all add to shaping your very own Zentangle design. If you are struggling to develop your own Zentangle style, consider the following to help unlock your very own and unique Zentangle style.

Find A Source Of Inspiration To Draw From

While true tangles in a Zentangle are non-representative in nature, you should not feel limited in where you draw your Zentangle inspiration. Consider patterns that occur organically in nature. Look at the structure of things, rather than the actual object itself. Everyday objects can also lend to being a wealth of inspiration for creating your Zentangles. Grab inspiration from music and literature. Inspiration is limitless!

Practice Tangling As Much As Possible

The best way to develop your own Zentangle style is to practice tangling. Set aside some time daily dedicating specifically to practicing and perfecting your craft. Not only will you be taking part in a relaxing and meditative practice daily, but you will also begin to understand the art of tangling and naturally develop your own style of Zentangles. With Zentangle practice will come Zentangle muscle memory. Anyone can become great at Zentangle. Anyone interested in becoming proficient in it and establishing their own style needs to practice often, if not daily.

Be True To Yourself

The art of Zentangle is all about self-expression. There are a number of talented and experience artists out there who showcase their Zentangle artwork for all to see, it will be tempting to attempt to copy their artwork. While you can always draw inspiration from others, it should be known that the practice of Zentangle is meant to be an individual’s sense of self. Try to avoid copying others.

Do Not Compare Your Zentangles to Others

In the same vein as being true to yourself and not copying others, do not get discouraged if your tangle does not end up looking like everyone else’s. As each person’s handwriting is unique to himself or herself, so too will your Zentangle style be unique to you. Do not compare your finished Zentagles to someone else’s. You should embrace your unique style and appreciate your Zentagles for what they are.

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