Doodle Art Lessons

If you are wondering how to begin with your first doodle, here you will find lots of easy and simple lessons on Doodle art. Here you can find step-by-step Doodle art tutorials on how to create a string or define an area for doodle art. You can also browse tutorials on how to draw a simple pattern for a Zentangle.

Make sure to explore our other tutorials on creating shapes with doodle art. We have tutorials for beginners (doodle art which are simple and easy to follow) and then there are advanced tutorials for expert doodle artists (showcasing more intricate and complex designs). In our beginners doodle art tutorial section, you can learn to create individual small tangles and gradually learn to put together a complete Zentangle. You can view videos from our library too to get inspired and work with new ideas.

So go grab a blank paper. You may use watercolor paper or any other paper, even the back of your notebook will work just fine! Take some art line pen or your everyday ball point pen and browse through our collection of amazing tutorials on doodle art to get started!