Getting Motivation and Inspiration

maxresdefault-005Diving into the world of Zentangles can be an exciting endeavor. However, as time moves forward, the initial excitement begins to wane and the wells of inspiration begin to run dry. If you are passionate about creating Zentangles and wish to continue forward in your journey of Zentangle creation, here are some ways that you can gain new motivation and inspiration to get you back on track and falling in love with Zentangles all over again.

Find a Zentangle Community

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Just as in any other endeavor, finding a community to provide motivation, accountability, and inspiration is applicable to those practicing the art form of Zentangle. There are plenty of places that you can find access to a community of Zentangle loving enthusiasts. By surfing the Internet, you will find plenty of online resources and Zentangle communities. Many of these communities provide places for you to submit your artwork, pattern designs, string designs, and much more. Many of these online communities also provide places to get support and receive feedback on your Zentangle art.

Take a Zentangle Class

If available to you, consider taking a Zentangle art class. You can search for and find local Zentangle classes through many online resources. Just be sure that before you sign up to take a Zentangle class that the instructor is a Certified Zentangle Teacher. Zentangle classes are offered world wide, so you’re sure to find a certified Zentangle Teacher near you. Not only will you receive professional Zentangle guidance, but you will also be surrounded by an enthusiastic class full of individuals interested in the art of Zentangle. You never know! The people you may meet when taking a Zentangle class may become life long Zentangle friends!

Get Out To Find Inspiration

If you need to get some Zentangle inspiration try getting out and clearing your head by taking a nice walk in nature. Take time to observe the natural patterns around you.
Observe flowers for instance. Instead of trying to capture the entire essence of a flower in your Zentangle, break up the flower by it’s basic patterns. Maybe observe the lines on a leaf, or the shape of a petal, the lines and patterns created from bark on a tree.

Inspiration lies everywhere. Try looking beyond the organic patterns to man made ones. Consider the patterns on the bottom a shoe, a china pattern, the zigzags on an afghan blanket, the cracks in the cement pavement. As vast as the world is, so too is the amount of creative inspiration for you to draw upon and use in your Zentangle art. Just remember that you are only drawing inspiration, not attempting to directly represent these objects in your Zentangle artwork.

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