How to Make Zendoodle Art

Scan0006If any of this is sounding complicated, then don’t worry because it is really not complicated at all. The results you achieve with the zendoodle method can appear quite complex and intricate but the actual process of making them is ridiculously easy. So let us look at what the actual process for making these unique artistic renderings is.
Making a zentangle is actually quite easy. First, we start with what is called a string. As with all zentangles, there is no rule for how these strings must look. The only rule is that these strings must be fitted within a square of three and a half inches, but even this rule can be altered. Below is a simple example of what a string may look like.
Notice the very light lines drawn here. The string is essentially the backbone of your entire zentangle. Every single aspect of your zentangle art will be determined by string that you started with. But don’t let this worry you; wonderful things can come from such a simple piece of just a couple of lines.
When making the string that will be the foundation of your zentangle, draw this string in pencil only. No, this is not so that you can erase mistakes (you’ll quickly learn that there isn’t really such a thing as mistakes when dealing with zendoodles). Rather, the string is drawn in pencil so that the string will disappear into the final piece of art. Don’t worry; it will make sense once you have finished your first piece.
So now you have this weird looking string drawn lightly in pencil, now what do you do? Well, look closely at your string. Do you see any lines or points that can be connected to one another? Good, now grab your pen and/or permanent marker and start connecting them however you see fit. You can use straight lines, you can use curved lines, you can even use dotted lines. Have you drawn some lines connecting the points and sides of the string? Great, now you can even fill in the spaces between these lines! You can use more lines to create a striped look, you can use small circles to create a bubble look, and you can even use that permanent marker to fill in the space with solid black. The possibilities are quite endless!
A note about using colours: The exact zendoodle method does not have any call for colours. These small designs are meant to be done in black and white only. Sure, adding colour can make these designs a bit more eye-catching with ease but this is not the point. The point is to create a much complexity and variation using only black writing utensils on a white piece of paper. You can, of course, use coloured pens, pencils, and markers; but you would be missing out on the most challenging part of the zentangle method. So go ahead and put those coloured pens and pencils away. Instead, see how much you can do with only black and white.
Another important aspect of this type of art is that the finished product is not envisioned at any point during the process. It is not an activity in which you sit down and decide what you want to draw before you start, rather you simply start drawing and let the finished product be whatever it turns out to be. It is essentially improvisation in visual art form. This is, quite possibly, one of the greatest activities you can engage in to improve your artistic talents while maintaining a worry-free attitude.

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