Principles of Zentangle

Heart+HandsAs an easy-to-learn and calming, Zentangle has become a popular and expressive art form. Zentangle is a fun way to create stunning pictures by drawing structured patterns that is a pleasing and inspiring artistic method. The art form of Zentangle that anyone can quickly pick up and learn as it does not require any formal set of artistic skills or interest.

Zentangle art pieces are unplanned and abstract in nature, traditionally done in black and white that combines an interweaving of simple designed patterns called tangles. Not only is the end result beautiful, but the process of creating is very relaxing.

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Zentangles are a new yet ancient form of art that marries artistic expression with meditation. When creating a Zentangle, artists become engrossed in the creation process, and deliberately focus on each stroke as an individual expression and art of focus. There are no creative bounds with Zentangle the possibilities are endless.

Those practicing Zentangle not only gain artistic satisfaction, but also benefit from increases in creativity, and focus. Zentangle is more than just black lines and is anything but doodles drawn during math class. Rather, Zentangle is an art form that is a graceful allegory for meditative artistry in life that incorporates artistic and lifestyle principles.

Natural and Expressive
The beauty of Zentangle is that it is open to all. There are no limits to Anyone can produce stunning images from the recurring designs. Even though it does involve specific steps, Zentangle is an easy to learn and intuitive art practice, which results in a imaginative illustration that transcends its own guidelines.

Enjoyable and Soothing
The act of drawing Zentangle art offers a delightful experience and is a carefree way to unwind by calculatedly easing a change in attention and outlook. Zentangle is an art form that is limitless and is not bound by a particular philosophy or expenses that are coupled with other methods of art. This is not to say that it is without structure. It is within the perceived chaos that there is beauty of calculated organization, which allows you to enjoy all that this whimsical art has to offer.

Surprising Final Outcomes
Practicing Zentangle allows for surprises to occur around every corner. It is encouraged that Zentangle artists allow the organic nature of Zentangle to drive the overall outcome of each piece. By doing so, you will not be limited by your expectations that can limit the natural flow and progress of each Zentangle piece.

Ritualistic Process
From its simple and repetitive steps, Zentangle becomes a ritualistic and meditative form of art. It can become an integral part of your daily rituals to help focus and relax you from a long and busy day.

Timeless Wonder
Humans have always been experimenting with the use of manipulating shapes and creating designs with pen and paper. Zentangle uses the “archaic” nature of pen to paper, and pulls you away from the technologically saturated art world we live and operate in. It engages you in a familiar and primary act of simple creativity.

Convenient Portability
Zentangle does not require a storage cabinet dedicated solely to its instruments. Everything you need to create beautiful Zentangle art can fit into your back pocket. It’s mobile and can be done anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

Zentangle is not limited by technology. The only limit to Zentangle is your imagination. There are no pre-programmed features or agendas to meet. Zentangle is simply the marrying of symbol manipulation on paper using nothing but a pen, and pencil. It serves only to help express your personal creativity and to flourish as a sound and peaceful person.

An Empowering Art Form
Zentangle art is a vehicle for self-expression and is an empowering art form to take part in. It’s intentional is not for perfect, but to channel your inner self into a peaceful and relaxing act of creation that directs your attention away from the stresses of the day.

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