Things You Didn’t Know About Doodle Art

Doodle art, also known as zendoodling, is that delightful phenomenon that often arises when you’re engaged in activities that don’t require your full attention. Whether you’re drifting off in math class, lost in conversation on the phone, or simply letting your mind wander, doodling seems to sneak its way onto the page, resulting in unexpectedly beautiful creations.

What makes doodle art so intriguing is its essence of spontaneity. It’s all about letting your pen roam freely, tracing lines, dots, and symbols without any preconceived plan. Yet, amidst this unfocused drawing, something magical happens: the lines and symbols unintentionally converge, giving rise to intricate and captivating compositions.

Though doodle art shares similarities with zentangle, it’s a bit more casual and free-form. While zentangle artists meticulously craft their designs within defined boundaries, doodlers let their creativity flow without constraints, allowing the lines to meander and merge as they please.

In essence, doodle art is a celebration of the creative spirit, a testament to the beauty that emerges when we surrender to the flow of our imagination. So, next time you find yourself doodling away, embrace the moment and see where your pen takes you. Who knows? You might just uncover a masterpiece in the margins of your notebook.


With doodle art you just follow your heart and let the utensil of your choice do it’s thing. More and more professionals are recognizing Doodle art and it’s calming effects.

1.No Boundaries.

You don’t even have to be artistic to do this. In the world of doodle art there is no good work or bad work. Talk about Zen! Just start scribbling on the paper without thinking or concentrating on anything. In this form of art everything holds it’s own uniqueness and it’s all considered legitimate artwork. The sky really is the limit in this world.

2.Naturally Reach a Meditative State.

Yes you really do. Because this form of art requires no thought, it naturally takes you into a euphoric meditative state, a place of peace. All the pressure to make something perfect is off; you stop thinking and come into a state of full awareness of that present moment and what you’re doing in it. This is very similar to what one does when they meditate. They concentrate on the sounds around them, bringing them into a great state of peace.

3.Express Yourself.

Because there are no boundaries in doodle art you can ‘let your hair down’ so to speak. You are free to put on that canvas what your heart desires. You can create the most disturbing pictures and it’s okay. No body knows what it really means but you. People will see the beauty in what you did. You can create your deepest fears through this, or just grab something and whatever comes of it, it’s fine!

4. It’s Relaxing.

Why do we see so many people randomly scribbling on the backs of their notebooks or in the margins of their papers? Because it comes naturally to us, it’s self-soothing, something to do when we are bored. The act of repetitive creativity is relaxing to the human mind. Recent studies have proven that doodle art has tons of relaxation benefits.

5. Improves Recollection.

You read that right. Doodling can make you remember things that your brain tends to filter out. Sometimes when victims experience something very traumatizing, like abuse, or maybe a war veteran, or sexual assault, our brains way of protecting us is to filter out the really bad parts of the event. Now during healing and therapy doodling can be a useful tool in bringing those experiences up for the healing process. Upon further research, studies have found that those who doodle while talking have much better recall than those that don’t, making it a perfect tool for therapy.

6. Sense of Purpose.

For those of you that lack a sense of meaning and purpose in your life but have a knack for making scribbling look like it should be framed, you just may have hit the jackpot. Studies have found that when individuals are doing something meaningful and/or creative (of which doodle art is both) it releases that all too familiar feel good chemical in our brain, hence making you feel better, more vibrant and ultimately happy. If you’re feeling that what you’re doing has a purpose behind it you’re less likely to fall into a depressive state

7. Get Your Kids Involved.

Because doodling has no limits and requires very little concentration this makes it the perfect activity you can to with your children on a rainy day! Grab them some pencils and a blank piece of paper and see what they can come up with. It’s fun and its simple nature makes it the perfect activity for even the most distracted child. Let them use a wide variety of utensils, colored pencils, markers, crayons, even wear colors. The opportunities are endless!

8. Hone Your Creative Side.

For those of us who can’t draw a stick figure to save our lives, this just might be our niche. The art of unintentionally making lines and symbols mesh and cross paths eventually leads to something phenomenal. It really isn’t for those who are of the practical nature. Much like the newest mine craft game (those mothers who have gamers know exactly what that is.) Doodle art has no set beginning or end; there isn’t even a point. It’s for those abstract artists who feel the needs to let their creativity run wild.

9. Make Money Doing What You Love.

Drop that 9-5 and live your dream! If you’re unable to draw great works of formal art, but you can make a series of lines and dots come together and make something everybody loves, well most everybody, then you my friend have got an amazing talent and better out it to use. Make no mistake; doodle art is not just child’s play. Although it may feel like it (which is what makes it all the more enticing.) This is a serious business to a great number of artists in the field. Why not put together a portfolio and see what people think?

So, as you can see doodle art offers a wide variety of benefits. There’s so much more it can do but not enough time to cover it all! This unique form of art has something for most all-eccentric creative people. Most of all it’s genuine, fresh, unique; authenticity is hard to come by these days with everyone following trends. If trends aren’t for you, let this, if not any of the above be a reason to take this up.

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