Zentangle Tips and Tricks

butterfly_zentangle_by_starliteyes420-d78pjqcHere are some quick tips and tricks to keep in mind when you are practicing your Zentangle art designs. Keep this page open for easy access while you are designing your Zentangles.

Always remember the Principles Of A Zentangle:

Unplanned, and unpredictable- a completed Zentangle should always excite and surprise
you. Do not strive for perfection, but rather allow things to unravel and form naturally.
There is up and down, no right or wrong way – Zentangles are not meant to be orientated in one direction. They can and should be viewed from any angle, up or down. With this, there is no right or wrong way to design and Zentangle.

Abstract and non-representational- Every Zentangle should be abstract in nature. It does not need to represent a particular real life object or element of nature. Rather, Zentangles should draw inspiration from, instead of representing, these objects.
Can be drawn if you’re a righty or a lefty- whichever your dominate hand you can draw a Zentangle. You can even experiment drawing with your opposite hand for a different perspective.
Zentangles should be done on a smaller scale- while you can create larger “Zentangle inspired” works of art, a traditional Zentangle should be small enough to be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

Zentangles are portable in nature- because of their small size; Zentangles are capable of going with you anywhere. Create a Zentangle wherever you need to take a moment to meditate and distress. At work during your lunch break, out in the mountains during a nature hike, or even out while eating at a restaurant.

Zentangles are an opportunity to get away from technology- since Zentangles are simple forms of art, you can rest your mind by getting away for 15 minutes or two and designing a Zentangle.
Treasure each Zentangle as the work of art that it is- Zentangles are works of art and should be respected as such. This means that can be treasured expressions of yourself.

Always Remember That A Zentangle Is:

Zentangles are comprised of simple and methodical strokes, which build upon one another to create strikingly hypnotic patterns and designs.
Tangles are made up of 2-3 simple strokes. This can either be a dot, a curved line, a free form line, an “S” curve or even a circle.
Tangles are abstract in nature and are non-representational and have no sense of direction.

Each Zentangle is drawn on high quality paper cut into a 3.5” or 9cm X 9cmsquare tile.
Grids and stencils are not used in the creation of tangles, Strings, or lightly penciled lines, are used to help begin a Zentangle design.
Use shading to add dimension and depth to your tangles.

Have fun! Each stroke in a Zentangle is an individual expression of the self.

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